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Step by step guideline to design your dream home.

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  • Step 1
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Initial Call & Consultation

At this point, you have probably reached out with the decision in mind to design your dream home with a rough budget in mind.

The consultation call and meeting will help us understand your requirements, style, and budget

Site Analysis

To create your ideal home interiors, our team will take out time to visit your space and carry out a detailed analysis. At this point, we will analyze all key elements of the space.

Design Deck

Based on the on-site analysis and your design preferences, we will then create a design deck that includes mood boards, sketches, concept boards, 3D visuals, and furniture layouts.

The design deck will provide you with lots of visual elements so you can imagine your space.

Revisions And Detail Drawings

Additional to the design deck, we will then work on a customized shopping list that would fit your budget. All items and necessary fit-out costs would be collated for your reference.

Based on your feed back our designer will make the necessary changes. We would then work on the design detail drawings including lighting layouts, civil, MEP and joinery drawings.

Create Shopping List And BOQ

Once the designer and the client finalize on the design deck and proceed with the approval process, we will then work on a customized shopping list that will fit your budget.

All items in the final approved design and the fitout costs would be curated for your reference.

Creating a Project Execution Schedule

Once the design and shopping list have been approved by you, we will then provide you with a detailed timeline of the project execution which would include schedules for all kinds of fit-out work and home furnishing work indeed setting up your space as per the final approved design.

Our Recent Projects

Know your style ! Take our style quiz and we’ll help you find your preferred style.

How It Works

Frequently Asked QUestions

How can I create a Decorster Account

Get yourself a Decorster account just by visiting our sign up page and registering yourself with an email ID.

What if I cannot sign in to my account

We are sorry for the inconvenience, feel free to contact us at and we will get in touch with you.

How to get started after buying a Decorster design package

Sign in to your account and you can see you package for a particular room has been bought. Our team will then contact you in order to schedule a site visit to understand your requirement, your style preference and also to do a complete measurement of the house.(Read more)

How do I get assigned to a Decorster designer

After buying our design package it is important for you to take our style quiz in order to know what your style preference is, as the designer will be assigned to your project based on it.

When does the designer start working on my room

Once the site visit has been completed, the designer will get in touch with you via chat within the span of 1 - 2 days for the initial design discussion. Based on the requirements given by you, the designer will then start working on your space. (Read more)

How can I get in touch with my designer

Before we start working on your project, our designer will get in touch with you via chat on our website in order to schedule a site visit to discuss about your style quiz and get to know your design brief to ensure your vision for the project.(Read more)

How is the custom package different from the other two packages

The custom package is mainly for people who have their designs ready and just wants fit-out execution work to be done. We assist you right from the design to the implementation of your dream home project, giving you a complete all inclusive solution.

How to get started after selecting custom package

After accepting our quotation for your selected services online, your personal designer starts working on the designs for your project. Once the design stage is completed, we then provide you with a team to execute your project in to reality.

What is a custom design form

A custom design form is a basic enquiry form that helps us to know your design and implementation service requirements and provides us with your approximate budget value for the same.

How much does the custom package cost

The costing in custom package completely depends on your needs and requirements. We give you the option to pay only for your preferred services.

Is it compulsory for me to take each and every service that is mentioned in the custom package form

No, it is completely up to you to select a minimum of any 6 design services that you would like us to assist you with. We also give you the option to select any implementation services that you would require our help in.

How can Decorster design my kitchen or / and bathroom as well as remodel it

You can avail this option of design and remodel of kitchen and / or bathroom only with our custom package. Just visit our packages page and select design and execution, after that select kitchen / bathroom as your desired room and fill in your required (Read more)