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Interior Design for you

Designing a space is all about creating an ambience, an experience that you would want to come back to everyday; your very own restful retreat! Bringing out the best in a space is made possible when you add a little bit of ‘you’ in it.

Colour my world!

Choosing the right colour scheme plays a key role in creating a sense of comfort and well-being in your home. Your choice of colour can be a highly subjective matter, but there are certain objective factors associated with colour and how it influences your mood and generally just the way you feel.

Space it out

Planning your furniture layout, space planning as it is called, in any room asks you first to observe and note your daily routine and movement patterns within that space. This is what leads to great interior design as, in any space, ease of use is as important as aesthetics.

Material matters!

Materials have a way of shaping the atmosphere we try to create in our homes. Its colour and texture have a say in the over-all design scheme, subtle may be but surely definitive. Metal or wood, leather or fabric, synthetic or natural, wallpaper of paint, these choices influence the energy of the space.

Light Up The Ambience

Modern lighting techniques have developed, far from being just a necessity, into advanced systems that can be utilized to create different moods influencing the overall ambience of any room. Lighting has an effect on the colour scheme and textures used in any interior.

It's All About The Style

Functionality of furniture, although being the primary purpose, the style of the furniture you choose to place in your home speaks volumes about your personal style preference. Now knowing this, choosing your furniture does become more a matter of aesthetics, wouldn’t you say!